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TIP OF THE WEEK: Create awareness when you want to successfully implement SAM

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#3: Create awareness for SAM when you want to successfully implement SAM

A successful implementation of SAM requires a communication plan, not just a series of memo’s! You have started implementing Software Asset Management, and everyone involved is fully aligned because you have sent out not just 1, but 3 memo’s! Your planning board with expiring deadlines of your top 20 software publisher contracts is nailed to the wall. Nothing stands in the way of booking great successes to achieve your SAM objectives. Or does it?

You need the commitment and ownership through all layers of the organisation. No advice on how to be compliant or policy can survive without clearly defined and well communicated objectives and guidelines for the organisation. To achieve Compliance, Control & Cost savings, you need more than just a series of memo’s!

Do you want to learn how active communication will generate commitment and ownership for SAM through all layers in your organisation? Ask for an insight of the experts:

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