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How it all started

At the end of 2009 our main company, the Softline AG, was restructured into a pure holding company. This was the foundation for the development of an internationally successful IT-Services group and the the birth of the Softline Group.
In February 2010 the Softline AG successfully placed its first capital increase, which proceeds were invested in the purchase of our subsidiaries Prometheus GmbH (Munich) and Softline Solutions GmbH (Leipzig) in order to build up the IT-Consulting business in Germany.
An additional capital increase in October 2010 was the starting signal for the internationalisation of the Softline Group with a Dutch subsidiary, we began to develop additional market potential. Additional countries would follow: Since 2014, under the leadership of our CEO Martin Schaletzky, we have been continuously expanded our European Softline footprint.
The Softline Group owes its current strong position in the market to its courage to make groundbreaking entrepreneurial decisions, its expertise and progressive thinking and, last but not least, a corporate culture that is characterized by strong team spirit.

Impressions of the first steps of the Softline Group

Softline group picture 2010
Softline employees party 2010
Softline annual meeting 2010
Softline annual meeting 2010 stage
Prometheus XPERTLink 2010
Softline office in Utrecht, Netherlands
Softline Netherlands
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