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Snow Software

Snow software aims to empower all types of IT stakeholders to maximise their productivity and contribution, without introducing unacceptable costs or risks, and ensuring that every penny invested in technology to support business operations is money well-spent.

Whether it concerns Software Asset Management, Cloud Spend Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Unified Device Management or even just license compliance.

Snow's Software Asset Management

Useful, unnecessary or unlicensed? Unless you know the status of your software and cloud services, you could be wasting money or risking a nasty surprise when you get audited. And what about all the unrecognized technology being deployed out of sight of IT? How do you ensure compliance and security for software you can’t see?

Snow’s Software Asset Management provides complete visibility over the software and cloud services your business uses. It incorporates on-premises, cloud and mobile, putting you in control with a single source of information. This empowers you to discover all assets in your environment, streamline and simplify licenses, make tangible savings and reduce risk. You get an up-to-the-minute view of what’s deployed across your organisation, with automated workflows to accelerate adoption and increase ROI.

Snow Automation Platform

Snow Automation Platform enables organisations to automate and integrate a diverse range of business processes – leading to increased value and effectiveness of their Software Asset Management (SAM) program, cloud strategy, and device management. It facilitates communication between the Snow SAM platform and other business systems. And thus it allows automation of processes such as software requests, license harvesting, cloud provisioning, and device enrolment. 

By facilitating the transformation of massive numbers of unconnected manual tasks into automated processes, Snow Automation Platform delivers benefit not only to Software Asset Managers, but to all other stakeholders – including HR, procurement, finance and business.


This is our joint webinar on how to automate your SAM processes:

  • how you can optimise and automate your Software Asset Management processes;

  • how you can build a bridge between different organisational units using the same automated process solution;

  • how you can get a clear insight into the processes mentioned in the ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard for SAM.

The Softline Solutions House of ITAM® was introduced early august 2018, due to the ISO/IEC standard change from SAM to ITAM.
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