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Are you paying too much for your software environment?

There is a good chance that you are currently paying too much for your software environment or that you are not in compliance with the rules that software manufacturers have drawn up in their contracts. However, many organisations are not aware of this. Purely because there is a lack of control, a lack of knowledge and, consequently, a lack of insight.

The solution is Software Asset Management (SAM). SAM gives you an accurate idea of your software assets, which in turn makes compliance, control and cost savings possible. However, there are a number of complicating factors! These include mobile devices, cloud services, data centres and the (partial) outsourcing of your IT environment.


Are you sure you are compliant?

If you are not compliant and you therefore don’t satisfy the conditions specified in your agreements with software manufacturers, you may have to pay high costs and possibly even fines. You may also have to pay for the man hours required to supervise the audit from your internal organisation.

By implementing SAM, you not only obtain a clear overview of your software assets – you also gain control over the management of your software licences. And your organisation can save costs by taking efficiency measures.

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This e-book gives you an insight in a step-by-step approach to take the next step in defining your long-term SAM strategy with short-term goals. It also gives you an idea of which software can support your processes.