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Are you a Global License Manager or a premier-league football trainer?

Imagine yourself... You are recently assigned as the new Global License Manager or SAM Manager in a multinational company. I would like to make a comparison with a football trainer in the premier-league. A trainer that is already experienced and recognizes quality, but who also inherits some financial and administrative problems, left by his predecessors. But being a professional sportsman you face these problems and you create a plan. Because your objectives are not very different to those of a top club: create an overview, build a solid team for the years to come, establish a good financial position and being in control.

Whatever the circumstances, the situation mustn’t get worse. So you build your defence. You assign the right people and make them cooperate. You align your new policy regarding the usage of hardware and software, for example with HR. You make sure you work together with Finance, you involve Communication for creating internal memos and you formulate new rules and make sure that enterprise architects and system administrators will maintain them.

And although you have gained knowledge in the past years, you still feel like it’s not enough at some point. So you consult a SAM partner who not only helps you to understand the processes, but who also advises you how people should function. The SAM partner is your captain in this project. A good captain listens to his trainer’s strategy and a good trainer listens to his captain’s recommendations to improve the game. The most successful trainers tend to have a good relationship with their captains.

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Goals have to be achieved and therefore games have to be won. So the last matter to take care of is how to set up the vanguard. The defence and the midfield take care of the supply and the attack finishes it. In my opinion a carefully selected SAM tool is your perfect striker. You supply him (or her) the right balls through defence and midfield and the tools give you the desired result and win you the game. Regard software that is purchased by vendor as an opponent in the competition. And when you win all your games, you will be champion.

Which objectives will you meet in time? You will create overview by the right balance of people, knowledge and technology. And this balance has provided you a structure for the years to come. The output of the SAM tool gives an insight into usage and expenses that enable you to improve your financial position when taking the right measures. Good results will enhance harmony and consistency within the group and you will stay in control.

How will you look at (football) games in the future? I’m curious to know about your findings...


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