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From SAM assessment to SAM strategy

Every company that surpasses the level of small and medium-sized enterprise has to face the facts: the chance of a vendor review or audit is real and even more likely as the company uses more standard software. If you want to avoid unplanned and unwanted expenditures, you will first have to define a Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy. This strategy must describe the measures that have to be taken from an organisational, process-driven and technical point of view, in order to avoid compliance risks and to possibly generate cost reduction.

The management of software assets is not a process on its own, but a complex set of activities. In the course of projects new software is introduced in the organisation, while end users request access to existing applications through the service desk. Contract Management manages the purchased licenses, but in order to define the license position, information coming from the infrastructure is needed to see how software is used. Which technical sources contain the required information? If analysis of these sources eventually leads to recommendations for optimising the license position, it has to remain clear who is the decision-making person in charge of the mandate and the budget. This optimisation will have to lead to the desired results through Change Management, or through Contract Management in cooperation with Finances. And how can you check if you have succeeded?

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In short: before being able to define the SAM strategy, a company first has to know which part of the complex set of activities has been set-up and how they cooperate. Only then is it possible to define what steps are needed to achieve the desired results and what approach is realistic enough to establish the balance between short and long term objectives.

A SAM assessment does exactly that. It is the initiation of SAM. A SAM assessment enables a company to define the current situation, on which the SAM strategy can be based.


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