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Second hand licenses: Make money with SAM

In July 2012 the European court of Justice ruled that the trading of “used” software licences is legal and that the author of such software cannot oppose any resale. Since then, many organisations have followed the path of buying and selling licenses to stay compliant. This sounds easy, and definitely could be. 

But to make this happen, organisations first need to have a clear overview over their software assets. Implementing a Software Asset Management tool will help you to get this overview. What licenses are you actually using? Which software is installed and to what extent is reassigning licenses between for example subsidiaries an option? A compliance report will give you transparency into which licenses you are missing or which are surplus. 

And then what? You can easily buy new licenses from your software license reseller or the software publisher in question when your organisation is incompliant. In case of overcompliance, you can of course always put them in stock and stop paying for maintenance and support.

But what if you can actually make money with SAM?

In both cases, second hand licenses could be the solution. Surplus licenses that are not used anymore, or never have been used over time, can be sold and/or bought. Organisations working in this particular field state this can lead to substantial cost savings (around 50%!) on software licenses. Think of Microsoft, Oracle, Autodesk or for example Adobe. 

But selling or buying second hand software is a complicated field with many (legal) details and potential complications to deal with. Make sure to ask for expert guidance, both in getting the much needed insight so you can make up the delta, as well as moving forward and buying and/or selling software licenses. 
As trusted advisor Softline Solutions can help you take these steps, and connect you with experts in the field, that work according to the current legal requirements and who know the market.


Martijn Braamskamp | Tags: License Management, Software Management, Software Asset Management, SAM tool, Compliance