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Do you have a question on SAM or ITAM? #DareToAsk

During your daily operation there will be times you are thinking of what steps are most suitable for you in order to increase your SAM & ITAM maturity level. Or, there is a specific case around one software publisher you do not know the answer to. Or, your question is about Software Asset Management processes, SAM tooling, software licenses or contracts, how you can create support in your organiation for your SAM strategy ...

Don't wait with finding an expert answer to these very important questions, #DareToAsk them now! Our team of SAM & ITAM experts are here for you and we can offer you the opportunity to ask your question, and help you on your way.


How it works:
Our #DareToAsk initiative offers you one free consultation hour with the Softline Solutions expert most suitable to answer your question. Send in your question and we will contact you.

This opportunity is only for end users.

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