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The ISO standard as a solid framework for implementing ITAM

The House of ITAM® is Softline Solutions' tried and tested approach for implementing IT Asset Management (including Software Asset Management). It is based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard for ITAM, and best practices from hundreds of international ITAM implementations. The tiered model of the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard offers a staged approach for growing your ITAM maturity. Softline Solutions translated the complete ISO standard to a model that is easy to understand, and developed a step by step approach. Softline Solutions’ approach is visualised as a house built from the ground up: the House of ITAM®. It has proven to be a valuable framework to get in control of and keep control over your ITAM practice!

A tiered model for ITAM maturity

The House of ITAM® is structured according to the 3 tiers of the ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard. These tiers, or maturity levels, correspond with the three main objectives that organisations want to achieve with the implementation and execution of IT Asset Management: achieving Compliance, Control and Cost savings for their IT. 

The foundation of the house represents the management system on which the other ITAM processes are defined. The 3 tiers (maturity levels) built on that foundation are: 

  1. TRUSTWORTHY DATA - Knowing what you have so you can manage it 
  2. LIFE CYCLE INTEGRATION - Achieving greater efficiency & cost-effectiveness in the IT asset life cycle 
  3. OPTIMISATION - Achieving greater efficiency & cost-effectiveness through functional focus 

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Although the model is a house, it certainly not set in stone. Organisations can decide “which rooms are furnished and how”. Thedel helps the practical and concrete interpretation, visually as well as in terms of content. Softline Solutions’ team of experts helps organisations to define the implementation and growth path that is just right for an organisation. Making sure the organisation will meet their strategic goals. Learn more about this step by step approach.  

Trustworthy Data

Trustworthy Data (tier 1) is about knowing what you have, so you can manage it (Compliance). It is the collection of all hardware and software in the infrastructure and how they relate to each other, contract- and license data, reconciliation, analysis, advice and finally optimisation. It also includes the monitoring of changes within the infrastructure or organisation that can impact the ITAM practice, as well as securing sensitive ITAM data against loss or unauthorised access. 

Lifecycle integration

Life Cycle Integration (tier 2) is about achieving Control of IT, by assuring IT assets are managed in the most effective way in each step of their life cycle. This ensures that issues in respect of compliance and cost efficiency of software can be prevented before they occur. Implementation at the level of tier 2 life cycle integration means changing from reactive to proactive management of IT Assets and thus preventing risks before there arise. 


Optimisation (tier 3) is about achieving greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness (Cost savings) through alignment with other functions. The focus lies on the contractual and financial side of IT assets, as well as the all risks involved with using them.  

House of ITAM®

The Softline Solutions House of ITAM® provides organisations with a step-by-step approach of increasing their ITAM maturity and reaching Compliance, Control and Cost Savings. 

It has proven to be valuable framework to get in control and keep control over your ITAM practice! 

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