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Tailored License Management Services for Service Providers

The highly competitive market of the MSP's pressures all players to focus on being agile and lean. It is key to have license management under control. Only full control will result in accuracy and efficiency in the monthly consumption reporting and related processes. Streamlined invoicing processes around Microsoft SPLA for example, will not only minimize the effort in creating accurate reports, but will also minimise the risk of not billing to the full extent. 

Softline Solutions’ tailored License Management services for Service Providers, the name says it all: Services specifically set up to help the MSP’s to tackle their challenges. And furthermore, bring extra value to their business offer for the market: end customers can track the actual usage easily and actually do an optimisation of their software spend. Only pay what is actually used.

The tailored License Management services for Service Providers are built up around Softline Solutions’ philosophy of integrating organisation, process and technology and is modularly built to fit specific needs. 

  • Services matrix
  • Service package overview

Challenges around offering hosting & cloud services:

  • Multiple vendors with complex license rules and their metrics

  • Understanding what needs to be reported

  • With CSP, SCA, License Mobility, Azure and regular SPLA, the ability to track licenses becomes more complex

  • Collecting Inventory data

  • Monthly reporting is time-consuming

  • Tracking licenses and usage can be complex and time-consuming

  • Threat of an Audit

Specialised technology
for MSP license metrics


The technology that lies at the base of the service is developed specifically for the license metrics MSP’s deal with, for example Microsoft SPLA.


Managing their large customer base requires effective processes, full insight in the usage per customer (month-on-month) and an automated invoicing process to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

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