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Prepare yourself for an audit!

‘68% of organisations can expect at least one software audit request within the next 12 months. It is probable that this percentage will increase further,’ according to the research bureau Gartner [September 2014].

Software license audits: can this be prevented?

The answer is ‘no’. However: once your organisation has implemented Software / IT Asset Management, the chance of an audit and the associated (financial) risks are reduced. Defining and securing SAM / ITAM processes, the assignment of SAM roles and responsibilities, and the additional implementation of a professional SAM tool ensure that software publishers remain confident that software is not being used improperly. A logical consequence of this is that they are less likely to request a software audit.

The implementation of SAM / ITAM also provides insight into your software assets and control over the use of software in your internal organisation. This allows you to limit the improper use of software and prevents surprises in case there is an audit.

Be prepared for an audit

If Software Asset Management / IT Asset Management is not or not fully implemented and no complete and accurate overview of the software license compliance is available, you may get some unwanted surprises when an audit takes place. In cases where you would prefer to gain insight into the software license compliance status of specific software publishers, you can use Softline Solutions’ Baseline support services.

Baseline support services

Every organisation has a specific list of software pusblishers which are the most important and the largest financial burden. In addition to the software publishers listed below, Softline Solutions can also conduct a baseline for any given software publisher.


Do you need audit support?

Have you allready received an audit announcement? Then there are various steps you can go through.

Softline Solutions can provide you with support here, in order to make sure the audit process proceeds as smoothly as possible. For more information about Audit support, ..


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