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Software Asset Management / IT Asset Management Assessment

Before an organisation can determine and implement its Software Asset Management or IT Asset Management strategy, it is first necessary to look at which parts of the entire complex system of activities are set up and how they interact. Softline Solutions has many years of experience, which have yielded best practices. Organisations are advised to start with the ‘SAM Assessment’ in order to assess the SAM / ITAM organisation, processes and technology with regard to completeness and degree of SAM / ITAM maturity. Based on this assessment, a plan of approach can be drawn up, which makes it clear which direction the organisation is growing in.

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The "SAM Assessment" assesses the current SAM / ITAM situation’s organisational structure, underlying processes and technical support. The methodology was developed from best practices and based on the ISO standard for ITAM 19770-1: 2017. The SAM & ITAM objectives are determined together with all the stakeholders in the organisation. The end product is a multiannual plan as well as a short-term plan that reveals milestones that have already been reached and offers an overview of shortcomings. Establishing the desired future situation and the associated objectives helps to form a clear path for growth towards the required Software Asset Management maturity level. Softline Solutions has developed two SAM / ITAM Assessments: the "Best Practice SAM Assessment" and the "ISO-based SAM Assessment".

Best Practice SAM Assessment

The Best Practice SAM Assessment does not follow the fully detailed  ISO standard for ITAM 19770-1: 2017, but focuses on the most relevant components. With this specially developed service that has resulted from many years of SAM / ITAM implementations, a very pragmatic approach is offered which is designed to raise awareness of SAM & ITAM in an organisation whilst simultaneously providing rapid insight into the current status of SAM & ITAM and the direction in which an organisation wants to grow with regard to SAM & ITAM maturity.

  • 75 questions
  • Duration 4-6 weeks

ISO based SAM Assessment

Softline Solutions has developed a SAM & ITAM assessment methodology that is fully based on the ISO standard for SAM ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017. The goal of this assessment is to determine the maturity of Software Asset Management & IT ASset Management, which involves zooming in on the elements organisation, process and technology. The objective is to achieve full insight into the current as-is situation, including risks and shortcomings and an overview of the to-be situation.

  • 350 questions
  • Duration 6 - 12 weeks

Building your Software Asset Management / IT Asset Management business case

Software & IT Asset Management is not a project, it is a continuous process and involves the entire organisation. In order to ensure success, it is important that all stakeholders are involved in the planning phase before the start of the implementation of SAM / ITAM. It is advisable to draft a SAM / ITAM business case in order to prevent resistance as much as possible. This makes the usefulness and necessity of SAM / ITAM clear to your internal organisation. Softline Solutions can help you with this. For example with the calculation of the potential savings using your proprietary data.

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