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SAM Implementation

The implementation of Software / IT Asset Management is more than just the installation of a SAM tool. SAM / ITAM affects the entire organisation. It involves interactions between organisation, process and technology, and it is crucially important that these 3 elements are properly coordinated. When these three elements are not coordinated correctly, an accurate insight into software assets is not created and oversight is lost. A SAM Assessment helps an organisation to determine the required SAM / ITAM maturity, after which an SAM / ITAM improvement plan and schedule can be drawn up and an implementation process can be initiated. Here attention is paid to the organisational set up, the set-up or restructuring of processes and the technical and functional set-up of the SAM tool.

SAM tool implementation

  • Project management
  • SAM tool implementation
  • SAM tool training

The implementation of a professional SAM tool is important in order to gain actual insight into software assets that are being used within the organisation. In addition to the software that is installed on workstations and/or servers, you must also deal with software license agreements and maintenance contracts that apply to the software. Linking this software with the available licenses ensures that the software license compliance status is clarified.  

Processes & organisation

  • Project management
  • Implementation of operational processes
  • Implementation of tactical processes


During the SAM Implementation, the SAM processes are described and existing SAM processes are rewritten, after which they are implemented in the organisation. When implementing the processes, three categories must be taken into account:

  • Strategical & tactical management of SAM
  • Operational implementation of SAM
  • Integration of SAM into other processes

During the implementation the necessary roles & responsibilities are assigned and the processes, procedures and underlying work instructions are established for these categories.


During the implementation of the supporting SAM tooling, a lot of attention is paid to the support of employees who will be involved in the implementation of SAM within the organisation. In order to create a continuous overview of the software license compliance status, it is important that licenses and contracts that are purchased in the future are included in the SAM tool in an unambiguous way. In addition, with the help of practical on-the-job training from experienced consultants, your SAM team will be able to make use of all possibilities offered by the implemented SAM tool. Softline Solutions also offers various technical and functional training courses that can be given both collectively and as company-specific courses.  

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When setting up Software Asset Management (SAM) / IT Asset Management (ITAM) within an organisation, it is important to have a reliable and specialised partner assisting you. Softline Solutions is the leading independent European SAM / ITAM expert. This offers you the advantage of having access to highly experienced SAM / ITAM consultants and an approach that is completely based on best practices.

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