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SAM Managed Services

There are different reasons why organisations want to outsource (parts of) their ITAM implementation and operation. This could be for example because the specialist knowledge is not available inhouse, or the team size does not match the set ITAM goals, or they are looking for a scalable solution to manage their (global) ITAM operation, or many other reasons. Regardless of what you decide to outsource, Softline Solutions is there to assist you reaching your company IT goals.

Softline Solutions supports organisations in setting up ITAM processes according to the ISO/IEC standard 19770-1:2017 for ITAM and in-house developed best practices in relation to the various ITAM tools. The House of ITAM® as best practice approach is used for the customer’s benefit, to develop a long-term strategy that effectively improves all ITAM areas of their company including the entire IT lifecycle of software. In 2020, Softline Solutions is recognised by Gartner as part of the global top ten in the Magic Quadrant for SAM Managed Services.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for SAM Managed Services Global top 7

Gartner is the leading provider of market research and analysis, specialising in IT developments. With the Magic Quadrant for “Software Asset Management Managed Services”, Gartner helps the market make an informed decision on the SAM Managed Services Provider that fits an organisation best. Only providers that are among the largest and most established in the global market are selected, based on an extensive list of criteria. 

The analysts evaluated Softline Solutions and ten other providers of SAM Managed Services regarding the quality and effectiveness of their processes, systems, methods or procedures, among other things, which are intended to increase the competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of their customers. In addition, their vision, success, and customer satisfaction were also assessed.

The 2021 Gartner report honours Softline Group as a Challenger.

Gartner has pinpointed the following strenths to Softline Group: 

  • Increased international presence
  • Highest unique client growth rate 
  • Maturing value management

"All providers have their own set of skills and approaches, that each fit a specific question. What I am personally most proud of, is the fact that we are able to report the highest unique client growth rate of all providers in the Magic Quadrant, with notable contributions from EMEA and APAC, and this only strengthens our believe that we are on the right path: by continuous focussing on the customer’s needs and to walk with them on their specific, but most of all, unique SAM & ITAM journey”, says Martin Schaletzky - CEO Softline Group.

Reaching SAM goals, Softline Solutions @ Signify

The Signify SAM journey so far can be summarised as a real success story that resulted in an impressive risk reduction and cost avoidance in less than 1,5 years. Signify has software license compliance under control, avoiding significant (financial) risks. Key enablers that helped realising these outcomes:

  • Well-defined governance in place and management support within Signify;
  • Good cooperation between the Signify SAM experts, the process stakeholders and service provider Softline Solutions;
  • Considering ISO/IEC 19770-1 as the standard best practice;
  • Implementation of tools that perfectly support the defined processes;
  • Initial focus on data completeness and quality.

Ellen de Belder: Head IT Quality, Risk & Compliance @ Signify

"Over the years, Softline Solutions has proven to be a real trusted advisor and knowledgable partner that helped us on our journey of becoming a mature SAM organisation. The set goals where high but, as a team, we were able to meet all expectations set and even over-achieve in some areas.

With the use of the Softline Solutions’ House of ITAM® that is based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard for ITAM, the perfect framework is set. It helped us to visualise the planned activities in an orderly manner and it enabled Signify to measure the progress on the overall ITAM maturity. An assessment against ITAM 19770-1:2017 kicks-off every new year and delivers input to the goal setting for Software Asset Management.

After the project finalisation and the first years of service, we together celebrated success and agreed upon a new three-year contract for the delivery of IT Asset Management Services.

A SUCCESSFUL implementation of MATURE Software Asset Management was not a walk in the park but, as a TEAM, with the right EXPERTISE and PERSEVERENCE, we made it WORK!"

Download this success story at Signify now.