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Oracle webinar

In 2018, Oracle announced changes to the lifecycle of future releases of Java SE. As per January 2019 these changes are actually in place. Licensing Java SE and other widely distributed products, impacts most IT organisations. 

Since you are always busy determining your Oracle compliance position, we will shed some light on new and already-known stumbling blocks of Oracle license management in our:

FREE webinar on Oracle
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In this free webinar we want to share with you: 

  • What's new: Oracle Java – Licensing and Security impact (including tips & tricks)
  • Oracle main licensing Metrics (including tips & tricks)
  • Examples of where our customers needed support
  • From our expertise, advice on how to deal with Oracle Licensing most effectively
  • And of course, there's enough room for Q&A afterwards.


  • Alex Brouwer - Oracle Licensing expert & Business Consultant @ Softline Solutions Northern Europe